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 POTM and GOTM Qualifiers

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PostSubject: POTM and GOTM Qualifiers   Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:52 pm

PVP Ladder Top 12
- at the end of the month, the PVP Ladder will be reset and the top 12 players are automatically eligible to join the Player of the Month Championship. ( with the excemption of RPC Characters )

Castle Scoring and Guild Points ( qualifier for the Guild of the Month Championship )
- Hot Agit points has changed from 12 to 6 points.
- 1 point for each castle still remains.
- WOE Castles are still the same ( all of the hot castles are currently owned by AmidalaRO Dev Team, as of March 4, 2012 )
- WOE First Edition 7-8
- WOE Second Edition 7-8

All other castles are still open for capture during WOE. This is for treasure box spawns purposes.
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POTM and GOTM Qualifiers
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