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 Sunday's Big Events, February 19 2012

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PostSubject: Sunday's Big Events, February 19 2012   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:39 am

Journey to the Endless Tower ( Endless Tower Race )


1. Organize a party with 6-12 members.
2. Each party should pay the 5000 GC registration fee.
3. Event will start at exactly 5PM and the GM will recall Party 1 at Alberta(beside ET Entrance NPC). Party 2 will be recalled at 5:05pm and the next party will be recalled at another 5-minute interval until all registered parties are done.
4. Party Leaders should use @request when they have successfully cleared Floor 85(Ifrit). GM will then verify and record time of completion. Note: We highly discourage spamming and premature use of @request during the event. A screenshot is also recommended.
5. Event will end once all parties have finished, and the fastest party who have cleared Floor 85 wins!

1st--- 5k GC, 3pcs HE Bubble Gum, 7pcs Bloody Branch + 1 ticket ea?*
2nd --- 1kgc, 5pcs Bloody Branch

Event Hosted by: º Katniss º

Last Man Standing, Baby Super Novice Edition
time: TBA


1. Prepare your Super Babies, any build.
2. The GM will announce once the registration is open, registration fee is 1000 Gold Coins.
3. Boss Cards, Mini Boss Cards, No Boss Card Scrolls, No Assumptio Scrolls
4. Each players will undergo "item check" by facilitating GMs.
5. Failure to comply means disqualification.

Event Name: Event Name : Pacifier Event
*Time: TBA
* Registration fee of 7000 GC is required , each party
*7v7 War Event, Baby Second Job Edition
*Classes: Knight,Hunter,Blacksmith,Assasin,Wizard,Monk,Bard,Dancer,Priest
*No Job Repetition
*No Mini/Boss Cards, 3rd Party Buffs, No Boss Card Scrolls Allowed.
*Battle is gonna be, Race to 3 ( Eliminations ) , Race to 5 ( Finals ).

Prize: Karada Meguricha Hat [1] (each) , 3500 GC (party), Megaphone 10 Box (each), 1 AmidalaRO Ticket

7v7 RWC/RPC Style War Event

*Time : TBA
*Venue : 7v7 Assembly Hall
*Players should create a new character and have themselves be warped to the 7v7 Assembly Hall
*No repetition of jobs
*Same rules apply

Prize: 1 AmidalaRO Ticket
Conso: 200 GC each

PLUS! other mini-Events hosted by our beloved GMs, with exciting and cool prizes!!!
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Sunday's Big Events, February 19 2012
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