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 Meet the GMs

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PostSubject: Meet the GMs   Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:50 am

Greetings, players of AmidalaRO.

It's been 2 months since we started playing this Ragnarok Private Server and some of you guys may not know your GMs well. Oh well, maybe you do know them on how they work and who they are in the game, but just to give you some ideas about your Game Masters, I opened this thread ... =)

Presenting, the GM Team of AmidalaRO.

º Greedo º

Name:Lougie Rodnel R. Cequeña
Nickname:Lougie / Gie
GM Name: º Greedo º
Birthday: June 05, 1996
Schools Attended: Binangonan Catholic College
Course: Currently in High School

Profession: N / A
Affilations: AmidalaRo Dev Team
Hobbies: Playing RO , Texting , Watching TV, Mangligaw , Mag basa pag exam Smile

Principles in life:
Motto: Kapag may Tiyaga may Boss card Smile

Message to AmidalaRO players:
sana maging masaya kayo sa pag lalaro ng AmidalaRo Smile /no1

º Aric º

Name:Chun Villena
Nickname:Chun Chun
GM Name:º Aric º
Birthday:Nov.22 1991
Schools Attended: STI Global City
Course: IT

Profession: Amidalaro GMs

Affilations: AmidalaRO Dev Team

Hobbies:Playing AmidalaRO

Principles in life:
Motto: Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever.

Message to AmidalaRO players:

To all players of amidalaro, Sana lahat magkasundo =)
wla sanang nag aaway be better not biiter, Good bless us, enjoy playing
Amidalaro and ROK ON HERE NA TAYO HAPPY DITO, Very Happy

Thank you
By GM º Aric º

º Jerec º

Name: Errol Dangca
Nickname: Errol
GM Name: º Jerec º
Age: 19
Birthday: March 11, 1992
Schools Attended: AMA Caloocan College
Course: BSIT

Profession: N / A
Affilations: AmidalaRO Dev Team
Hobbies: Playing Amidala Ragnarok Online

Principles in life: Hanggat nasa tama ako ipaglalaban ko sarili ko
Motto: Enjoy Life

Message to AmidalaRO players:
Maging maayos na sana mga players, tama na mga awayan, peace na dapat, just keep on playing AmidalaRO not with hatred but a joy in everyone's heart para lalo natin ma'enjoy ang paglalaro AmidalaRO ^_^

º Aeuz º

GM Name:º Aeuz º
Schools Attended:SPCF

Profession: Freelancer Tech
Affilations:AmidalaRO Dev Team

Principles in life:Nothing Elses Matter

Message to AmidalaRO players:
HUMAYO KAYO AT MAG-PAKARAMI Enjoy Playing!!! AmidalaRO, dito na tayo! Ang saya dito!

º Katniss º

Name: Angela Calubaquib
Nickname: Angie, Maui, Mau
GM Name: º Katniss º
Age: 20
Birthday: March 23, 1991
Schools Attended: St Paul University Manila
Course: BS Accountancy

Profession: Certified Public Accountant
Affiliations: AmidalaRO Dev Team
Hobbies: reading, watching movies and tv shows, playing ragnarok, surfing the net

Principles in life: Kung gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan.
Motto: I think, therefore I am.

Message to AmidalaRO players: Invite your friends! Smile

º Padme º

Name: Arc Rochelle Cristobal
Nickname: Cheche
GM Name: º Padme º
Age: SECRET!!!
Birthday: June 8
Schools Attended: New Era University / EARIST
Course: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering ( ECE-359XX (April 2005) - Guess my age =)) )
*Second Year (2010 - present ) , Bachelor of Arts in Architecture ( EARIST )

Profession: Game Master for Star Wars the Old Republic ( BIOWARE ) , AmidalaRO (admin)
Affilations: Replica Band, Holy Rosary Choir , Holy Rosary Youth Organization
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, singing, playing RPGs, or anything about tech stuff

Principles in life: Live, Learn and Let Go
Motto: Work to become, not to acquire.

Message to AmidalaRO players:
Never try to scam me , you know how I work =)))

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Meet the GMs
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