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 Newbie Guide

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PostSubject: Newbie Guide   Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:30 am

Welcome to AmidalaRO Newbie ! ! ! Very Happy Smile Wink

Things that you have to know inside the world of AmidalaRO as newbie . . .

after creating a novice character and entering the game
you will appear in this map and you have to go inside the 1st building

then, inside the building, talk to Receptionist and choose Warp to Main Town

after that you will appear in the main town of AmidalaRO (Prontera)
near Freebie Giver NPC, Instant Job Master NPC and Instant Baby Job NPC

Click Freebie Giver NPC to recieve your Item Freebies:
Headgear of the Month + AmidalaRO Newbie Box
AmidalaRO Newbie Box Contains:
Red Tailed Ribbon + Gentleman's Pipe + Sigrun's Wings

after you recieve your freebies, you can change your job and level to 99 in an instant
by clicking Instant Job Master NPC and choose your prefered job

then in Mid/Center of Prontera you can find useful npc's such as:

Healer NPC: Restores HP and SP & gives (increase Agi, Blessing and Magnificat) Buffs to your character

Cantina Warper: Cantina a place where you can buy Premium Armors for free,
other consumable items, Headgears, Accessories and Items for Creator & Whitesmith
that costs Zeny and AmidalaRO Coins.

Note: AmidalaRO Coins can be obtain in the Event of GMs
Gym Pass for Ripped Cabus can be buy in Cash Shop Items NPC.

Cantina is also a place for: Ripped Cabus, Advance Stylist, Card Remover and Premium Rentals NPCs

Lets proceed to Warehouse Warper: Warehouse is a place where you can buy
Weapons, Armors, Accessories, Cards, Ammunition and ETCs using your zennies

theres a room inside the Warehouse near Ammunition NPC where you can exchange your AmidalaRO Coins to Zeny
Exchange your AmidalaRO Tickets to Cash Points and Buy Donation Items in the NPCs inside the room

Amidala Town Hall: is a place where you can find MVP Warper, Platinum Skill NPC, Reset Girl, Universal Rental NPC, Emperium Break Test NPC, Socket/Slot Enchant NPCs and Quest Items NPCs

Note: Quest Item NPCs Location is in the Upper Left and Right of Amidala Town Hall
Lower Right for Platinum Skill NPC, Reset Girl, Universal Rental NPC and Emperium Break Test
Middle Left Side for Socket/Slot Enchant NPCs (Leablem and Young Man)

Player Services NPC: you can do a Town Warps, Dungeon Warps, Save (Current Location) and Open Storage in this NPC

PVP Arena: this NPC is used to enter PVP Room (Izlude)

Last is the Agit Warper: also known as WoE Warper, this warper will warp you to different castles according to the day of WoE, we have 6 different castles for 6 different days, each day has its own castle area. WoE Time is from 7pm to 8pm. (+8GMT Time Zone)
  • Monday : Geffen Castles
    Tuesday : (Yuno) Schwarzwald Castles
    Wednesday : Payon Castles
    Thursday : (Rachel) Arunafeltz Castles
    Friday : Prontera Castles
    Saturday : Aldebaran Castles

Note: We have no WoE during Sunday, because this day is the Special Events Day

Property of AmidalaRO
Credits to Errol Dangca
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie Guide   Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:01 pm

Thanks alot, really usefull for newbie like me Laughing
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Newbie Guide
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