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 AmidalaRO Server Rules and Regulations, READ CAREFULLY

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PostSubject: AmidalaRO Server Rules and Regulations, READ CAREFULLY    Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:26 pm


Do not perform or be involved with any of the following:

1. Kill Stealing
Attacking a monster by any means that is already attacking/being attacked by another player.
• If the player seems unresponsive, you still may not attack their monster.
• Do not attack a player's monster to "help" them unless they ask for it.
• All MVPs whether summoned by Bloody Branch, Event Summon, Game Master Summon, or Natural Spawn are Free for All (FFA).
• Mini-bosses does not count as MVPs. They are NOT Free for All (FFA).

2. Verbal Abuse
Directing insults, demeaning names, slander, profanity or uncivilized attitude toward players, the staff, the server, or any aspect of the server.
• Acts of verbal abuse are not tolerated in private chat, towns, out of towns, through megaphone usage or in WoE.
• Swearing in PvP gets tolerated to some degree since it is part of the competitive game play. This however doesn't mean that you can't be punished for severe swearing and/or verbal abuse.
• Since your participation in guild/party chat is "at will", we take a very lenient stance on this issue.
• Only the most severe harassment will be considered.
• The Game Masters will be the judge of this, and not any other player -- whether they are the victims, the convicted, witness, or any other status.
• Repeated acts of verbal abuse, whether consecutively or not, will be treated with a harsher punishment.

3. Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment regards the unwelcome use of sexually suggestive comments in a social environment.
• This holds true irrespective of whether the comment itself is derogatory or simply crude.
• If you mean to joke, it is your responsibility to ensure that your jokes and humour will not be considered offensive to the person you interact with before you make them.
• If they are offended, 'I was just joking' will not be considered to be a valid defense.

4. Spamming
Repeatedly emitting the same line(s) of text whether it's consistent or not (chatting or buying/selling/trading).
• Spamming is not allowed anywhere, and is zero-tolerance in town areas.
• Spamming of @request is highly discouraged

5. Bug Abuse
Knowingly or unknowingly using a bug or glitch to one's advantage.
• All bugs or glitches are not to be abused, but are to be reported per PM to the staff on the forum or the GMs.

6. Server Advertisement
Advertising another Ragnarok Online (or any other MMORPG) server or mentioning the name of another server to lure players to the said location.
• Server advertisement or mentioning another server in any way is prohibited.
• Do not name characters after servers or with "RO"/"Ro" at the end of the name. All lowercase is fine unless we see it as an obvious advertisement.

7. Scamming
Purposefully misleading players into deals or situations in which one will benefit from the victimized player.
• This includes impersonating any member of the GM team.
• Borrowing an item and not returning it to it's rightful owner doesn't have to be treated as scamming. A GM however, may still punish if it's proven. The GM doesn't have to though.
• Asking for account names/passwords/personal information is considered scamming.
• Purposefully selling lower-grade items that mimic higher-grade items.
• Blackmailing; extorting items, zeny or any related thing from a player by the use of threats, intimidation or revelation of scandalous or personal/defamatory circumstances.

8. Cheating
Using third party programs or any programs not supported for use by AmidalaRO for personal gain or malicious intent.
• Botting and Packet Manipulation is considered cheating, however, this may be accepteble untill further notice.
• Causing malicious harm to the server or any player/staff member's account(s) or anything on one's account is considered cheating.
• 3rd party tools or any modifications which can affect the gameplay are also against the rules, example of such , using sprites that are not released by AmidalaRO that cause the server to crash.
• Using more than one character during events held by GameMasters.
• Creating multiple characters to gain GOLD COINS.

9. Degrading the Server
Insulting or complaining about any aspect of the server and its players/staff.
• This includes complaining about rates, items, level caps, lag, quests, players, guilds, GMs, or anything in the server.
• Expression of opinion on these matters is okay, but repeatedly and/or malevolently expressing one's opinion distastefully is not.

10. Skill Abuse
Using skills to cause harm or annoyance on other players (out of PvP)
• This includes, but is not limited to, using skills to trap players, bestow errors upon them, summoning monsters to harm players, buffing mobs that others are fighting, etc.
• Abuse of skills that cause ZONE DISTRUPTION, such as Champion Skills, High Wizard Skills and the like.

11. AFK Hunting
Hunting for items without the need of moving or killing mobs directly.
• This includes, but is not limited to, use of homunculus/mercenary while on idle, use of damage returning items/equipment or skills, etc., except for Boss Hunts that requires a Reflect skill of a Paladin.

12. Inappropriate Character/Party/Guild/Title Naming
Naming characters/guilds/parties after crude or sexual things.
• This includes, but is not limited to, sexual references, swear words, abuse of any sort, and can be punishable no matter what language the words are in.

13. Megaphones
• Any form of abuse via megaphones will be treated accordingly.

Entries here are subject to change without prior notice.

Above ALL, "ADMIN is still the law".
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AmidalaRO Server Rules and Regulations, READ CAREFULLY
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