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 Books of AmidalaRO

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PostSubject: Books of AmidalaRO   Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:13 pm


Books of AmidalaRO
- Since the server is fairly new and almost every day we have new visitors if not new players.
- The GM team decided to have this Forum Event.

- All players of AmidalaRO.

*Entries should be posted on the forums, on this path;
AmidalaRO Community :: General Ragnarok :: Guides
*Topics should be all about AmidalaRO.
*Post your best guide.
*Guides may contain the following information;
- about AmidalaRO basics (for newbies, a tour in amro's Cantina, Warehouse, Town Hall, etc.)
- Quest Items (should include screenshots and attributes)
- AmidalaRO's Lifestyle
- and anything about AmidalaRO.
*Posts should be all original, highly informative, need not be lenghty but should be complete and organized and useful.
*Entries are subject for approval, validation and review by the GM team.
*Creativity is a plus.
*Screenshot is a must, video is an advantage.
*Winning entries will be included in the AmidalaRO Wiki, which is coming soon!
*Event runs from Thursday, February 9, 2012 to February 23, 2012.

GOLDEN RULE: If one already started a certain topic, one must not duplicate....

Criteria for judging:
- Content 70%
- Creativity 10%
- Clarity 10%
- Conciseness 10%
- Audience Impact 5% - this is just a buffer =)

*There are no specific prizes for this event.
*Prizes will be determined based on the entries.
*Announcement of winners will be on February 28, 2012.

NAME OF THE GUIDE: example, Red Football Hat Quest Guide

Do not forget to include the following information at the end of your entry;
In-game name:

For questions, approach º Katniss º and Padme.
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Posts : 36
Join date : 02/02/2012

PostSubject: Re: Books of AmidalaRO   Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:49 am

Greetings, players of AmidalaRO.

We would like to thank the following people for joining the "Books of Amidala" Event.

Errol , Lord Nickers - for the Newbie Guide
Vince, LalaBabo - Cantina Food Quest Guide

As as reward, AmidalaRO is giving you 1 Black Majestic Goat Box, 1 White Majestic Goat Box, 1 Blue Majestic Goat Box, 1 Rastafarai Tiraya Bonnet, 5 Songpyun Boxes, 2000 AmidalaRO Coins and 4 AmidalaRO Tickets.

Thank you.
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Books of AmidalaRO
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