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PostSubject: POTM and GOTM, INFORMATION   Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:54 pm

Guild of the Month:

*Guild of the Month Championship is going to be held at the RPC Arena.
*Program will start at 8:30PM and will be hosted by º Katniss º
*Its gonna be a Race to 5 game.
*You can start gearing up your characters now, RPC Arena shop is now open.
*Usage of skills is deactivated in the RPC Assembly area, you can buff your team mates once inside the GvG Arena, for Stalkers, you can copy the skills once inside.

PRIZES: to be awarded on Sunday @5PM
5000 pesos worth of AmidalaRO Tickets ( 200 tickets )
7 February GOTM Champion Headgear
1 Guild Master Headgear
10000 Food Buff of each kind ( expires upon death )

Second Place:
2000 pesos worth of AmidalaRO Tickets ( 80 tickets )

Player of the Month:

*Player of the Month Championship is gonna be an all out items event.
*Event is going to be hosted by º Katniss º, will be held at our temporary Bet Match Arena . Event starts at 9PM.
*All elimination rounds, 1st round and 2nd round are gonna be race to 2.
*SEMIFINAL ROUNDS are gonna be Race to 3.
*FINAL ROUND is gonna be Race to 5.
*In case of both players died during the match, the match is not gonna be counted, thus, no score.

--Matches are open for side bets, maximum of 5k AmidalaRO Gold Coins.
--Bets are gonna be collected before the POTM Championship, betting starts at 11PM, Feb 3., deadline of bets, February 4, 630PM.

PRIZES: to be awarded on Sunday @5PM
1000 pesos worth of AmidalaRO Tickets
1 February POTM No Fear Headgear

IMPORTANT: GMs with legit characters who are joining the following events will have their GM accounts on freeze, meaning, they wont be able to log in till the event has ended.


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